Vision Systems

Industrial Machine Vision Systems

Cost-effective, easy-to-use industrial vision systems and sensors combine high-performance, advanced vision tools, high-speed image acquisition and processing, intelligent features, and an intuitive user interface. Utilizing information extracted from digital images, vision systems automatically guide certain production operations such as testing, assembly verifications and quality control. Because of their ability to tirelessly inspect parts and products, machine vision systems result in lower defect rates, better quality, improved yields, greater consistency, and decreased costs.
Manufacturing vision systems have a variety of uses across a range of industries — from simple feature verification to complex, high-speed inspections. They can determine if a product’s dimensions are within acceptable limits, establish that the product quantity is accurate, decode linear bar or QR codes to record production process data, and/or establish the position and orientation of a part in the process to ensure its correct placement.
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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Vision Systems?

A wide range of vision system models are available, including line scan and color systems, to meet most price and performance requirements. Rhino Tool House automation experts are ready to help you select and deploy the industrial vision system that suits your application. To learn more about these systems and how they will improve your manufacturing and assembly processes, get in touch today.
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