About Servo Presses

Driven by a servo motor, the servo press uses software to control press speed and position, making this product more flexible than a conventional mechanical press. The servo press features a closed-loop feedback system to accurately control cycle rate and loads, which provides the ability to apply very high forming loads early in the stamping stroke. System configuration is straightforward, consisting of a tool, controller and cable. Precision control of load, position, speed and time combine to increase productivity. Servo presses are environmentally friendly — the servo driven motor translates into reduced energy consumption and less noise. Added benefits are the adjustable stroke, increased speed and cycle rates, improved part quality, longer tool life and better equipment uptime. Programming is easy and intuitive, and user-friendly parameter input facilitates quick setup. Real-time reporting of operating conditions greatly reduces the risk of damage to parts. The extensive range of data collected provides full traceability.
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