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our story | Rhino Tool House

Rhino Tool House is an organization born of like-minded people and businesses dedicated to providing the highest level of solutions, service and support to professionals like you in the industrial market. We continually strengthen our footprint, our portfolio of products, our service offerings and our expertise through strategic acquisitions and by attracting, developing and retaining the very best people.

Through our expertise in advanced manufacturing, Rhino Tool House strives to bring tomorrow’s innovation to you today. The Rhino Tool House team is driven to become a valuable strategic resource for our customers, a good steward of the environment, and a first-class company to our employees and their families.

Our Story Begins in 1983

when The Tool House was founded in the state of Wisconsin by industry and tool expert Dave Wirth. His vision was to be the most reliable distributor of a wide variety of tools and other related products to help manufacturers do their jobs better. In short order, The Tool House became the leading customer-focused power-tool distributor, integrator, and manufacturing partner in the Midwest.
our story | Rhino Tool House
In 2000, Rhino Assembly was founded in North Carolina by entrepreneurs Dan Brooks and Leif Anderson to work with customers like you to identify and deliver innovative assembly solutions. Having cut their teeth in the manufacturing sector, they brought a high degree of expertise.

The 2000s were characterized by organic growth initiatives and acquisitions designed to expand the reach of each company while continuing to offer more value to their customers. These included The Tool House’s purchase of GD Hoist in 2010 and Rhino Assembly’s acquisition of KA technologies in 2011.

our story | Rhino Tool House
our story | Rhino Tool House

As the global manufacturing climate continued to become more and more competitive, both companies recognized that domestic manufacturing plants simply could not afford to spend valuable resources on outdated processes that resulted in issues affecting productivity, quality and safety. Their emphasis on being reliable tool suppliers lessened as their role in the manufacturer’s overall success increased, and they found themselves actively collaborating with customers to find the right solutions to help them be more successful throughout their operations.

In 2018, with similar cultures and mindsets, the two companies came together to form Rhino Tool House. Offering valuable manufacturing expertise, customized engineered solutions, and local, hands-on support to the entire continental United States.

Today Rhino Tool House provide superior services, local expertise, and a high degree of responsiveness to empower our customers to be more productive, build a better-quality product, and maintain a safe environment for their workers.

Your solutions from Rhino Tool House are specific to you – we will help you “revolutionize” your process for your particular set of manufacturing challenges.

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Our Mission

To identify and deliver the world’s most innovative industrial solutions. To provide superior service, local expertise, and a high degree of responsiveness to empower you to be more productive, build a better-quality product, and maintain a safe environment for your workers.

Our Vision

In a highly dynamic industrial world, we exist to revolutionize your process. Through our culture, we will create strategic partnerships with our employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Sense of Urgency

We are highly responsive to our customers, our fellow employees, and our supplier partners. Our team approach calls for jumping in whether or not the task at hand is our immediate area of responsibility to ensure a timely response.

Value the Individual

Each member of the Rhino Tool House team is respected as an individual. The sum total of these individuals makes Rhino Tool House a stronger, better company with a diversity of talent, backgrounds, and interests.


We maintain an environment that encourages teamwork to fulfill the company's mission statement. We are encouraged and motivated to ask for help from others to utilize the talent and resources available throughout our company.

We Listen

The ability to listen is the skill we cherish most. We respect others and allow them to finish their thoughts. We ask questions and listen.

Highly Productive & Efficient

We make the most of our time and resources. We ask to see the application today. We ask to meet the decision maker today. We do not put off what can be done while in front of the customer today.

We Exist to Add Value

Our customers and supplier partners view Rhino Tool House as a value-added resource. Moreover, we see ourselves as a value-added resource. We believe that if we fail to add value, we quickly become irrelevant.


We are constantly looking for a better way. From finding the latest assembly technology for our customers to exploring new ideas to operate the company in a more effective manner, we embrace new and creative ideas that have the potential to change our industry.

Attract, Develop, & Retain the Best

Extraordinary talented people will always have a place at Rhino Tool House. We recognize exceptional talent and will allow for their skills to be unleashed in a strategy that benefits the company and the individual.

Communicate Our Brand

How we are perceived in the marketplace is of paramount importance. We place a high value on presenting the Rhino Tool House brand in a manner that is professional and innovative.

Check Our Ego At The Door

We welcome feedback. We leave room for positive input, and constructive criticism on performance with the knowledge that it is being offered for our personal growth and the success of the company.

Life Balance

We believe in a healthy life and work balance for all members of the Rhino Tool House team. We encourage a fun and enjoyable workplace. We believe this type of environment contributes to an individual's success both personally and professionally.


We strive to achieve and maintain acceptable margins for a profitable business. Profitability enables us to invest in new technologies, inventory, and our employees, which, in the long run, benefits our company and our customers.​

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