Blind Rivet & Rivet Nut Tools

Blind Rivet & Rivet Nut Tools

Blind Rivet and Rivet Nut Installation Tooling

Blind riveting is commonly used in assembly applications in the automotive, trucking, aviation, electronics and appliance industries. Blind riveting is the process of installing a rivnut (blind rivet) entirely from one side of the item being riveted. This is required when the operator cannot see or lacks access to the item’s backside.  Blind rivets or rivnuts are inserted through a pre-drilled hole that passes through the material. Then, a hand-operated or power rivet gun drills into the rivnut, expanding it and causing a bulge on the other side. When the riveter tool is removed, the rivnut is securely fixed in place and the head is ready to accept a threaded fastener. 

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We are experts in blind rivet and rivet nut Installation tooling.  We address our customers’ needs by leveraging our team’s collective knowledge and our chosen supplier base of innovative power tool and automated tool solutions. We invite you to reach out to your local Rhino Tool House sales engineer for a consultation and needs assessment. Close collaboration with our customers allows us to understand their needs and specify the right solution — the first time and every time. Reach out today!


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