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About MRO

Rhino Tool House offers a complete line of equipment and tooling to assist maintenance and repair teams to effectively do their jobs. We can assist you with the products required for operations and activities that are associated with the upkeep of your plant whether structural or safety.


We function as a one-stop shop for our customers’ tool needs. Why deal with several vendors when you can source all your general tools from a supplier you trust? Isn’t it time to simplify your tool-purchasing process?

What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for MRO?

Rhino Tool House offers a wide selection of production-ready general assembly tools to accommodate a wide variety of applications. We have air, electric and hydraulic tools for every job — from wrenches, cutters and staplers to hydraulic fastening tools and pneumatic fittings. Our factory-trained personnel are available to help you find the right solution for your application and budget.
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