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About Mutilation & Prevention Safety

Mutilation/In System Damage (ISD) is a common problem in the assembly process. Paint scratching or dent damage are costly and impact productivity. A common cause of mutilation is when tools used for assembly are not properly covered with a non-marring material to avoid damage to the part.

Assembly tools mishandled during the manufacturing process have a direct impact on the cost of production and in some cases cause serious injury to the operator.

The risk of this damage can be eliminated or significantly reduced. By working together with our customers to analyze the problems, effective solutions can be identified, designed, and implemented.

Rhino Tool House offers both off-the-shelf and customized complete tool protection solutions that will significantly reduce these occurrences in your manufacturing facility.

Special anti-mutilation material that does not scratch paint yet is durable enough to work in a heavy assembly environment. In addition to scratch protection, pockets and reinforcements can be created in the design to protect from dents and other forms of damage.

Our covers, like many, offer protection from product mutilation. The ROI for protecting your products during assembly is significant. But what sets us apart from others in the market?

We call it the ROI triple threat!

Asset Protection

We protect your valuable assembly tools by custom designing covers that protect the body of the tool, the head of the tool, and the batteries on the tool. These covers are made from an exceptionally durable, non-marring material, non-toxic, tear resistant material.

Mutilation Protection

We protect the products you are assembling by putting a lightweight, flexible non-marring cover on anything on the assembly floor that could possibly come into contact with the products you are assembling or manufacturing. These include tool covers, covers for assembly carts, covers for the edges of workstations, and covers for robotic arms that could contact the product.

Workforce Protection

We protect your most valuable asset: your people. We do this by creating products that fit over the moving parts of the assembly tools to keep fingers, hair, and clothing from coming into contact with fast moving, high torque tools. Further, our products can be customized to lessen the likelihood of repetitive injuries; features like ergonomic design or bails for storage. But we do not stop there, what truly sets us apart is our ability to “customize-on-demand” our covers to help our customers increase productivity and efficiency on the production floor. Since there is no tooling time or expense, we can design features specific to your assembly process – adding a bail for tool storage, integrating sensors for asset tracking (Industry 4.0), or customize cover colors to meet your safety or production processes.

What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Mutilation & Protection Safety?

Protection from mutilation and damage during the assembly or shipping process is a reliable place for ROI. Rhino Tool House partners with companies that create protective coatings to cover tools and/or finished goods to prevent this damage. Contact us today to protect your products and your business.
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