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The assembly process is extremely critical to quality and safety when building large machines in the transportation, energy, and construction market. That is why the manufacturers of these machines — as well as those who assemble ships, oil and gas wells, windfarms, and aerospace products — depend on torque tools that provide high torque output in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of lb.-ft. torque range. Rhino Tool House provides leading-edge cordless, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic high-torque tools that ensure proper tightening, quality control and operator ergonomics for manufacturing and maintenance personnel in various market sectors. Whether you need high-torque or high-torque & angle, rest assured that we have what you need to properly tighten your applications with a safe, high-quality product.
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Rhino Tool House is the leader in cordless assembly solutions. Our highly trained and experienced team is available to visit your facility to help you determine how and where cordless technology is best suited for your specific needs and manufacturing environment. We also help train your team on the use and maintenance of this technology. Start utilizing battery-operated tools today and realize the benefits of improved quality, safety and productivity.
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