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Not all wearable technologies are exoskeletons, but all exoskeletons are a form of wearable. A wearable is a soft or rigid device worn on or close to the surface of the body. Industrial wearables are made of fabric, plastic or other materials and incorporate electronics, sensors and software that enable devices to communicate with other devices. An Exoskeleton is soft or rigid device to promote ergonomics and reduce the risk of injury. Exoskeleton suits for lifting are often found in labor-intensive environments, where they reduce fatigue and risk of injury to employees who frequently bend, lift, sort and/or move heavy objects. The two types of exoskeleton lift-assist suits are: Passive Exoskeleton – Assistance is provided by a mechanical actuator such as a spring or tension cable. Active Exoskeleton – A battery or external power source supplies the lift assistance. Rhino Tool House is dedicated to empowering our customers by providing a safe, efficient work environment. The use of wearables may preclude the need to make extensive changes to the work environment — these devices may be exactly what you need to improve workplace safety and efficiency.

What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for EXOSKELETONS & WEARABLES?

We carry different exoskeleton suit models that support users in the performance of various tasks. Rhino Tool House not only sells exoskeletons, but we also train users at customer facilities, ensuring that the suit they purchase is the right fit for their applications and their employees. We offer a variety of industrial wearable devices from several leading manufacturers. If you’re not sure what you need, let us review your needs against the different wearable and exoskeleton technologies to help you make an informed decision. We’re here for you!
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