Geared Offset Attachments

Custom Attachments for Difficult Access Applications

Product design engineers can often make it difficult for manufacturing engineers when a product has screws or other fastener types located in tight or hard to reach locations. For this reason, we provide many options both off the shelf and custom-made end of tooling attachments for difficult access applications.

Crows Foot Offset Heads

These custom attachments for power tools are designed to provide access to areas that are inaccessible via standard tooling.

Tubenut/Open End Heads

These custom-made attachments allow a power tool to secure the tubenuts correctly and at production speed while a brake or hydraulic line is attached.

Integrating Custom Tool Heads with Intelligent Tools

For a complete solution for difficult to access assemblies, let us integrate your custom tool heads to a Intelligent assembly system that provides a full range of error proofing and process control utilities.


Geared Offset Attachments | Rhino Tool House

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Geared Offset Attachments?

Advanced manufacturers choose Rhino Tool House when they need better tool solutions to get the job done, when they want to improve productivity, quality, ergonomics, safety, and when they need a custom solution to an assembly problem. We not only offer products that address these needs, but we also have the expertise and knowledge to analyze and solve your process issues with innovative end of tooling solutions developed specifically for your application. Reach out to us today!
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