DC Electric Assembly Tools

DC Electric Assembly Tools

Precision Handheld Tools from the World’s Top Manufacturers

 In today’s market, our customers require “near-zero” product defects during the assembly process. Our electric handheld nutrunners allow you to control, manage and document each step in the assembly of your product. Rhino Tool House tools will meet your torque requirement from extremely low to very high torque applications in the automotive, off-road vehicle, heavy truck, electric component, aerospace, consumer appliance and electric vehicle markets.   Rhino Tool House offers a variety of handheld electric nutrunners and screwdrivers for applications in which ergonomics, accuracy, quality control and speed are critical. Made by top manufacturers, our durable DC electric tools save time in the tightening process while ensuring that the job is done right the first time. 

Fixtured DC Electric Tools

Rhino Tool House offers fixtured spindles in an array of configurations to meet your assembly and throughput requirements. With 1 up to 32 spindle multi systems available, we provide a custom turnkey solution to meet your sophisticated fastening requirements while helping you increase productivity, throughput, quality, and reduce labor costs.    A mounted, fixtured electric spindle is used in semi-automatic or automatic operations. When properly sized and configured, a fixtured multi-spindle system provides the highest level of performance and quality. There are advantages with multi-spindles that are not available in any other tightening solutions.     

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Why Choose Rhino Tool House? 

 The right tool affects your overall operational efficiency, the life of the spindle and the amount of maintenance required. Rhino Tool House professionals are happy to help you select the optimal fixtured spindle for your unique application.   Among the factors we consider when selecting the spindle type and size are: 

  •  Tool characteristics (dimensions, speed and torque capacity) 
  • Application (joint vibration, angle control and hole pattern)  
  • Facility size/floor space 
  • Desired production rate  
  • Desired clamp load  


Rhino Tool House is a family of brands dedicated to quality, safety, productivity, and innovation. Our goals are simple; make manufacturing easier, smarter, and more efficient.
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