Automated & Multi-Spindle Assembly Systems

Automated Assembly Systems

With the advancement of collaborative robotics into the industrial workspace, automated assembly processes are becoming more prevalent in the market. Rhino Tool House Sales and Application Engineers are well versed in the benefits and limitations of this emerging market and are more than capable of helping to evaluate our customers’ assembly processes for progression into the automated world.By mounting intelligent fastening systems to a collaborative robot, customers can insure their build process 100% for both proper torque and assembly sequence. Many processes in the industrial world require assembly to be done in a specified order and at specific torques. Because our robots always follow the same order of events, and with the integration of smart tooling, customers can be assured that their complicated assembly patterns will always be met and assembled as quality dictates.

Benefits of Automated Assembly Systems

Multi-Spindle Assembly Systems

Intelligent spindles are the exclusive fixtured assembly solution, offering the benefits of less required floor space, fewer cables and high-speed uptime availability for automated fastening applications. Intelligent spindles provide a wide range of torque capability and industry-leading free speeds. DC electric spindles are ideal for critical fastening applications that require data collection from assembly operations, such as torque, angle and time. Standard intelligent fastening spindles operate between 0.6 and 1000 Nm. Output drive options include straight drives, offset drives, feed drives, angle heads and custom outputs. Multiple options for gearboxes on the spindle for each size of fixture tool are available. Multiple transducer options are also available for optimal range and accuracy.

Benefits of Automated Assembly Systems

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Rhino Tool House is the leader in cordless assembly solutions. Our highly trained and experienced team is available to visit your facility to help you determine how and where cordless technology is best suited for your specific needs and manufacturing environment. We also help train your team on the use and maintenance of this technology. Start utilizing battery-operated tools today and realize the benefits of improved quality, safety and productivity.
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