How We Work

The Importance of Customized Solutions

Is your manufacturing facility exactly the same as everyone else’s? Of course not. Sure, there are always similarities, but every plant has their own unique set of challenges and situations.

Rhino Tool House’s family of deeply caring, passionate industry professionals do not offer cookie cutter solutions. Our team provides custom solutions and personalized project leadership to transform even your toughest manufacturing challenges into sustainable results.

Whether it’s a problem or a “destination,” we’ll work side-by-side with you to help navigate obstacles, reach your goals, and accelerate performance.


Our Process

We work with you to identify opportunities for improvement. Then we create your custom plan together, get to work and get it done.

how we work | Rhino Tool house

Line Walk

The first step is what we call a “line walk”. It’s an extremely worthwhile walk-through and assessment of your manufacturing processes.

Your entire manufacturing line reviewed – or to start with, one or a group of lines – to identify areas that could use improvement.

Submit a Proposal

After completing the line walk, we recommend improvements, estimate their costs, and submit the appraisal for you to review.

Our understanding of industrial applications and the products and software we offer, combined with our training and experience allows us to provide complete and synergistic recommendations for individual aspect improvements or entire operational improvements to meet larger goals.

Ship, Install, Train & Support​

We are there to offer whatever support is needed for the tools, systems, and solutions ordered. If necessary, we provide the installation and education programs needed to make sure operators and managers are properly trained and equipped. 

Offering A Complete Manufacturing Solution

How We Work | Rhino Tool House
group of people standing with hardhats | Rhino Tool House

New Growth

What if you are planning a brand-new facility or initiating a major expansion?

Get Rhino Tool House involved early.

When you are leading a growing business, you need to make sure your operations are seamless. Do all you can to make sure your entire infrastructure is addressed right from the start so later you can reap the benefits of maximized productivity, higher quality products, and a safe enjoyable workplace.

The Value of Partnership

Our goal is to be a valuable partner you can rely on even in urgent or complex situations. Our attention to detail and sense of urgency means you can count on us, always. Expedient delivery of tools, quick repairs and on-the-ground service are our hallmarks.

You can call on us at any time to help you re-assess your needs – whenever new challenges or demands arise. Our value is in the experience and multiple use cases we bring to the table. Our primary goal is to always be a value-add resource and ally in your quest for continuous improvement.

Rhino Tool House is the only partner you need for your manufacturing and industry improvements. We bring fast delivery, installation, training and service when you need it every time.

We proudly stand by our word and what we deliver.

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