Welding Tables

Ergonomic Solutions for Welding Applications

Welding Tables

Adjustable Welding Worktables 

Welding tables are designed to hold pieces steady during the work process. Small items are extremely unstable during the welding process, and they are too hot to hold by hand. Welding tables have clamps and other fixtures that hold the product in place, facilitating safety and high-quality work.

Heavy-duty, metal welding tables promote ergonomic benefits while improving productivity. Height-adjustable worksurfaces allow the welder to raise or lower the table to the optimal working height to eliminate repetitive bending that can cause back and shoulder injuries. 

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Why Choose Rhino Tool House? 

Steel welding tables are available in a range of styles and sizes. We offer modular tables, tables with foldable legs, portable tables and more. Your choice of welding table is based on your application. Consider the weights and sizes of products being welded. The layout of clamps, fixtures, slots and holes is important, too. If you have space issues, perhaps a foldable table or one with casters is best. Do you need shelving, cord storage or a carrying handle? 

Contact Rhino Tool House to discuss your needs. We’re happy to recommend a welding table that meets your requirements, or custom engineer a solution for your application. 


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