Stack Lighting

Industrial Signal Lights Indicate Process or Machine Status

LED Stack Lighting on the Factory Floor

What’s in a name? Alternatively referred to as LED Andon stack lights, LED stack lights, signal tower lights or LED tower lights, stack lighting is basically a vertical series of color LED lights that visually and/or audibly indicate the status of a manufacturing process or machine. The lights function as material, maintenance and operator assistance call lights. 

Lights remain steady or flash to instantly indicate that a problem exists on the line or at a particular workstation. LED stack lights are an effective, low-cost tool for real-time visual factory and lean manufacturing. By tracking where and when problems occur, Andon lights are one more tool in a comprehensive workplace productivity improvement strategy.

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Stack Lighting?

Rhino Tool House offers a wide choice of signal tower lights so customers can find the products that best suit their applications. While all are high quality, our products come in assorted sizes and configurations to fit diverse work environments. Speak with one of our sales engineers to learn more about our signal tower lights. 

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