Torque Arms

Ergonomically designed Bench Mount Torque Arms

The smart and economical solution to prevent injuries, increase quality, and improve productivity is achieved by integrating mechanical articulating torque arms into your assembly workstation.

Repetitive motion is the number one reason for operator fatigue, injury, and lost productivity. A manufacturing engineer has two unique issues to resolve when choosing the proper torque reaction arm for their application. One, reduce or eliminate any chance for operator injury.  Two, choose the right type of arm that the operator will not end up fighting with to complete the assembly process.  The unexpected bonus, quality improves dramatically.  The design of our torque arms eliminates the weight and torque reaction of the tool being used.  There are multiple options for articulating arms and our sales engineers will assist in selecting the correct arm for your application.


This type of arm can be configured as a bench mount, overhead rail mount, or underneath mount.  It is preferred in applications requiring a perfect perpendicular alignment between the part and fastener to avoid cross thread problems.  It is also an excellent choice for high torque applications.


These arms are used for alleviating cross thread problems and provide a smooth and effortless movement by the operator.  They are an excellent choice when there are not multiple screws in a complex pattern.


Much like the linear but allows for much greater mobility for circular or irregular screw patterns and is usually preferred by operators.

  • The weight and amount of applied torque is eliminated
  • Multiple configurations for vertical, horizontal multi positions
  • Accommodates right angle, pistol grip, and in-line tools
  • Small footprint required to mount the tool.
  • Available for heavy tools and high torque applications
  • Positioning control and feedback can be integrated for error proofing
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