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Ergonomic Floor Mats for Industrial Environments

Creating a comfortable, ergonomic area for standing workers is one of the most important things you can do for your employees. Ergonomic standing mats are injection molded from recycled plastic and rubber, ensuring a consistent density that withstands the demands of harsh environments. Matting can be outfitted with safety edging to define work areas and to indicate safe entry and exit points.

The underside of an ergonomic foot mat features a network of pillars that act as springs. When weight is applied to the mat’s surface, these pillars compress to a comfortable degree of cushion while maintaining proper support and alignment for the worker’s skeletal structure. Workers experience less pain and strain when they stand for extended periods of time, which minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries.

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We offer ergonomic anti-fatigue mats in several styles and sizes, and we feature brands from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Best of all, we help you select the matting that works best in your workplace. Is the area wet or dry? Do your employees need a mat for the entire day or for a brief time? Do you need anti-microbial or anti-static mats? Are you planning to use matting indoors or outdoors in all types of weather? Rhino Tool House sales engineers are happy to recommend the right solution for your specific needs.
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