Tool Balancers

Ergonomic Solutions for Tool Operators

Industrial Tool Balancers Improve Safety and Performance

Repetitive motions — even those that require small amounts of force — take a toll on tool operators, regardless of their strength and resilience. Tool balancers, also called power tool holders or tool helpers, alleviate fatigue and potential musculoskeletal injuries by supporting hand-operated tools in a position that minimizes the operator’s effort required to use the tool. Reducing fatigue and injury leads to better health and performance, which translates into greater productivity. 

All tools are not alike. To effectively improve ergonomics and productivity, a work environment in which diverse tools are used requires several different tool balancers. Tool balancers carry the weight of the tool, so the operator directs its motion without having to support the tool.

Tool balancers work by positioning tools over the workstation. Common types include:

  • Retractor tool balancers are spring tool balancers with a knob for adjusting the tension. 
  • Hose reel tool balancers, also called spring balancers, use a pneumatic hose as a support cable.
  • Zero gravity tool balancers are heavy-duty tool balancers that provide true balance and easy handling.
tool balancers

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Tool Balancers?

Our goal is to ensure that customers purchase the right product, regardless of brand. We source tool balancers from several leading manufacturers, so we can evaluate which best fits your workstation. Rhino Tool House engineers help you choose the right product for your application and show you how to balance a power tool and adjust the tension according to the weight of the suspended tool. Ready to get started?

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