Industrial Material Handling Carts


Standard and Custom Carts and Dollies

Rhino Tool House builds and sells custom and standard carts and dollies to move product throughout the manufacturing process. In fact, we make custom carts for virtually any manufacturing or assembly process. These include line side kitting carts, supermarket shopping carts, line side transfer carts, specialty minomi carts, dollies, warehouse carts, or heavy-duty industrial carts on wheels, you can rest assured that we either have it or we will make it. 

Material carts enable fork-free material delivery, which improves safety, prevents material damage, reduces lead times, offers scalability for smaller jobs, reduces inventory, frees up floor space and simplifies material replenishment.

Quad steer carts feature all-wheel steering for improved maneuverability. 

Mother/daughter or parent/child carts are those in which a smaller cart fits into the larger one as they move together. 

Roller deck carts allow pallets to slide off easily. 

Chain steer carts facilitate tight radius steering.

Rotation carts manually rotate to minimize reaching and lifting. 

Let us Walk Your Line & 
Revolutionize Your Process

We don’t just know products — we know applications.

Why Choose Rhino Tool House? 

With our engineering expertise and personal support, you’re sure to obtain the carts or dollies that best meet your requirements. In addition to offering or designing a wide assortment of industrial carts, Rhino Tool House engineers also offer advice and real-world examples of carts that have helped other customers, which is beneficial when choosing a cart design for your needs. 

Already have carts but considering products with unique features? We are happy to review your current carts and investigate options that may be added to provide exactly what you’re looking for! Not many companies offer the level of service that Rhino Tool House provides.


Rhino Tool House is a family of brands dedicated to quality, safety, productivity, and innovation. Our goals are simple; make manufacturing easier, smarter, and more efficient.
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