Tool Holders

Store and Protect Tools When Not in Use

Power Tool Holders and Hand Tool Holders

Every tool in your factory needs a place to rest when not in use. While many tools are suspended for easy access, this is not always desirable based on usage orientation, overhead obstructions and range of motion.  

When a tool needs to be set down between uses, a tool holder provides a quick and convenient way to store and protect the tool from damage. Universal tool holder options are available for pistol-grip and right-angle tools. Are the standard options inadequate for your application(s)? Rest assured that our partners at Extremiti3D are prepared to make custom holders of any shape and size.

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Tool Holders?

We don’t limit our customers to a single brand or type of product. Among our tool holder options are tool baskets, tool holsters, Makita tool holsters and custom solutions for those with unique applications. Whatever your application, the Rhino Tool House engineers are ready to help find the optimal solution for your needs. 

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