Flow Racks

Optimize Floor Space and Material Devlivery

Efficient Material Delivery and FIFO Product Rotation

Flow racks maximize floor space while organizing inventory and facilitating product flow and material delivery throughout the facility. Improving the process of material delivery and increasing accessibility to the assembly area result in greater manufacturing efficiency. Flow racks are available in portable and stationary units with various features.

Flow racking also improves ergonomics by minimizing reaching, which reduces potential fatigue and subsequent worker injuries, increasing uptime and allowing employees to work more efficiently. Each level of racking is slightly inclined to ensure first-in-first-out or FIFO inventory rotation. Because boxes are stored in the rack and not left on the floor, flow racking keeps the floor organized and safe for workers.

flow racks

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Flow Racks?

We offer many styles and sizes of flow racks. If you are not sure what product is best for your work environment, Rhino Tool House is happy to collaborate with you. We review your current material flow processes and make a recommendation to help you optimize your operations. Please reach out today to request an on-site meeting with one of our experienced, knowledgeable engineers. 

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