Industrial Magnets

Heavy-Duty Industrial Magnet Applications

Industrial-grade magnets are used in a wide range of industries — from manufacturing and welding to mining and agriculture. Here are some of the most common uses:
Lifting. During assembly or repair processes, industrial lifting magnets raise ferrous materials such as metal sheets, engines, and other large equipment. Basic lifting magnets are maneuvered by the operator, while large, pneumatically operated magnets are integrated into complex below-the-hook lift assists.
Separation. Magnets are often used to sort metal from non-metal pieces. This process prevents stray metal bits that may be found on the production line from contaminating food and medications.
Clamping. Industrial magnets are used in the welding process to clamp pieces of ferrous materials in the proper position before the final weld is made.
Manufacturing. As part of a turnkey solution, we provide magnets that are incorporated into other products. Magnets are used in motors and generators, sensors and transducers, magnetic imaging systems, latches, and various other mechanical devices.
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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Industrial Magnets?

We offer several types of magnets — rare earth, ceramic and electromagnetic — in a range of shapes, from horseshoe, arc, and rod to industrial bar magnets. Your choice depends on your specific application. That is where Rhino Tool House comes in. Our engineers understand magnetic products and help our customers select the optimal solution for each application.
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