Tube Lifters Facilitate Material Handling

Vacuum Tube Lifters for Some Lifting Applications

Vacuum tube lifters are ideal for gripping and lifting boxes, sheets, buckets — or other items that must be lifted from the top — and stacking them on pallets. Another common use for this device is the lifting of porous items such as corrugated boxes. The tube lifter’s suction feet provide an airtight seal between the load and the lifter, creating a secure grip without damaging the product.
Vacuum tube lifters make lifting easy and are safe and ergonomic for the operator. This device allows virtually anyone of any size to lift with little or no physical effort or strain, so all workers can easily switch workstations without the threat of strained backs or shoulders. Lifts may be customized with different suction feet to meet a range of applications.
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Vacuum lifting is an easy, yet effective and ergonomic solution to many lifting challenges. Rhino Tool House offers a variety of products and helps you select the solution that is best for your application. Check out our tube lifters today and learn how they improve your operation’s efficiency.
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