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AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is an area of manufacturing that is quickly evolving and becoming increasingly prevalent in the manufacturing workspace. AGVs provide customers the ability to transport parts, products, and equipment throughout their facility in an efficient, both cost and time, manner. AGV transportation is a flexible solution that can be customized to fit any customer’s needs.
Whether customers are looking to transport goods from a warehouse to an assembly line, or move product from one station to the next, AGVs are a great solution to the quickly evolving marketplace and manufacturing world. AGVs can be outfit and designed in a multitude of ways so they can effectively transport any type of product.

AMR: Autonomous Mobile Robots

Flexible, cost-effective, safe, and easy automation.
One of the main benefits of collaborative AMRs is improved worker safety in highly dynamic environments. AMRs can autonomously navigate around people and other obstacles on their path while calculating the best route to their target. Rhino Tool House can share numerous case studies showing that AMRs are the best solution to optimize workplace safety and productivity at the same time.
Rhino Tool House has been active helping customers install collaborative robots (cobots) in their manufacturing facilities for several years now. After experiencing the fast ROI from this automation technology, our customers are now looking to automate other wasteful processes within their organizations. AMRs deliver a safe, flexible, and efficient alternative to other internal logistics solutions like forklifts and conveyors. Rhino Tool House is committed to helping you find the right solution for handling and optimizing your in-plant transportation needs.
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With automation experts on staff, Rhino Tool House is the only source you need when it comes to evaluating and installing AGVs and AMRs. We represent multiple styles and types of AGVs and AMRs and we understand the technology and how to turn them into impactful solutions for your various assembly and warehousing operations. Schedule a meeting today with one of our experts to discuss your automation application.
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