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Industrial Lift Assist Devices for Manufacturing

A below-the-hook (BTH) lifting device is used to attach a load to a hoist. The lift assist device grabs and holds the load securely while it is moved safely from one place to another. While many industrial lift assist solutions are available, a custom-engineered lifting device is generally the best way to go. Customization ensures that you get a lifting device built to handle a load with a certain size, shape, or center of gravity.
Lift assist and below-the-hook lifting devices are like manipulators in that they assist workers in lifting and moving loads. However, lift assist devices are used when attachments are needed below the hook. This type of manipulator provides a safer, more ergonomic, and more efficient way to work. Also, lift assists are ideal for applications that do not require the rotating or flipping of parts. Unlike manipulators, the part’s center of gravity can be in line with the chain.


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Industrial Material Handling Manipulators

A manipulator device provides a high degree of control when lifting, moving, and placing loads. Manipulator arms or machines reach around obstructions or into machines — places that hoists cannot access. Manipulator arms are also useful in handling oddly shaped items that are difficult to grasp and items that require rotating or flipping. If the part’s center of gravity needs to be offset from the lifting device, then a manipulator is the right solution for the job. Easy-to-use manipulators make your processes safer and more ergonomic.
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At Rhino Tool House we partner with our customers to design a unique solution that meets the criteria for each application. Manipulators many times are custom designed and offered in a wide variety of configurations.  With our national footprint and local expertise, we are uniquely qualified to schedule a consultation to make sure that your manipulator project is successful. Let’s talk!

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