Industrial Conveyors and Systems

Every facility needs to move product from one part of the floor to another, whether for line side stocking, assembly line, station transfer or any other reason, and a conveyor may be the perfect solution. Conveyors are available in assorted styles offering every customer the benefit from the Rhino Tool House expertise and support.

Types of Conveyor Systems

The most common conveyor types are the following:
Gravity conveyors do not require power. Gravity moves materials downward along an inclined runway to their destinations via rollers or skate wheels. Items must weigh enough to move without assistance.
Belt conveyor systems work via two or more pulleys that drive an endless belt loop. As the fabric or rubber belt moves, the product placed upon it is transported from its origin to its destination.
Roller conveyors are made of rollers mounted on axles attached to a frame. Items roll along the moving rollers from one place to another. Most roller conveyors are powered by belts or chains. However, gravity roller conveyors utilize gravity to move products without power.
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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Conveyors?

We understand that no two companies have the same needs, which is why our suppliers build conveyors to customer specifications. Whether you need a gravity conveyor, belt conveyor system, chain-driven conveyor, or roller conveyor, we work with you to explore your needs and help you order the right solution for your application. Ready to get your items moving?
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