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About Chain Hoists and Air Balancers

Rhino Tool House offers several types of lifting devices for your assembly or manufacturing process. Both are used to lift an item into the air and move it to where it is needed, but there are significant differences.
Air or pneumatic balancers. Follow the operator’s arm movements, gliding smoothly and quickly in a fluid, floating-like motion. Loads are moved with less physical exertion and greater safety compared to manual lifting. These devices are generally used for loads between 100 and 500 lbs. and can lift to 7 feet high.
Chain hoists. Lift heavy-duty loads; in fact, they can easily handle loads weighing in the thousands of pounds. Compared with a balancer, a chain hoist can lift loads higher and farther — even across an entire manufacturing facility. Unlike a balancer, the movement is not smooth. The hoist moves the load up or down but moving it to a new location requires the use of a crane. Hoists are available in pneumatic, electric or battery styles; click on the link above to learn more.

Pneumatic, Electric and Battery Hoists

Differences go beyond the obvious fact that pneumatic and battery hoists do not require a nearby source of electricity:
Electric hoists. Mounted overhead to a beam or gantry and are fixed in a single location or moved via a trolley along a rail. Electric hoists can lift very heavy loads and raise them to great heights. They are not suitable for continuous use and may pose a safety issue in dangerous environments such as mines, paint facilities and oil rigs.
Pneumatic hoists. Operated via air pressure and offer a precise level of control and 100% duty cycle. Suspended movement is possible, which means that items can be worked on before installation. Air hoists lift more slowly than electric hoists, allowing more fragile items to be raised and moved safely.
Battery hoists. Compact and portable and therefore the most versatile. Move them from one spot to another in your facility, or even to another site. Load and lift capacities are the lowest of the hoist types.
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Hoists are the most common lifting solution in industry but choosing the right one for your application should not be overlooked. With so many manufacturers and configurations available. Call your local, knowledgeable, and experienced Rhino Tool House application engineer to discuss your application.
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