Crane Controls

Controls for Larger, Motorized Cranes

Crane Controls

Crane Remote Controls for Safety and Efficiency

Typically, smaller cranes — those that lift loads up to 4,000 lbs. — are manually driven. Larger units feature motorized axes, making them potentially dangerous to the inexperienced. That is why we take some control out of the hands of operators and put it into overhead crane remote controls. Crane controls from PaR Systems function as intelligent packages that help the operator safely and efficiently control the process. 

Benefits of Our Wireless Crane Remote Controls

  • Cycle time improvement of 10% – 40% increases productivity.
  • Compatibility with existing variable frequency drives (VFDs), radio and tethered pendants with continuous or multi-step functionality is assured.
  • Seamless transition/integration into existing hardware platforms is achieved with one-day typical installation time.
  • Simple, accurate load placement allows operators to focus on positioning rather than swing correction.
  • Maintenance Reduction Expert Operator is the only anti-sway technology that does not require sensors of any kind, even with complicated rigging configurations.
  • Increased safety load sway prevention reduces the risk of employee injury and equipment damage.
  • Minimally trained novice operators perform as well as experienced counterparts, reducing the need for extensive training.

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Why Choose Rhino Tool House? 

We offer crane remote controls from an industry leader. When you are ready to upgrade your cranes with wireless remote controls, look no further than Rhino Tool House. We have the experience and expertise to help you select the right controls to ensure the safety of your operators, and we help you integrate the controls into your existing equipment. We are available to review your application and recommend the optimal solution for your needs.


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