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While all sanders are alike in that they use abrasives to remove material and smooth surfaces, they are available in many diverse types and sizes to meet the needs of various manufacturing and assembly operations. Small, lightweight, manual, and handheld sanders are ideal for small areas, while table-mounted or bench sanders are commonly found in industrial settings. Portable, cordless sanders are the most versatile as they do not require a nearby source of electricity. 

Each type of sander has its own purpose. Common types of sanders include orbital sanders, palm sanders, belt sanders, detail sanders, edging disc sanders, random orbital sanders, drum sanders, drywall sanders, table sanders and floor sanders. 

Disc sanders have a round sanding pad to which the abrasive disc is attached. Portable and benchtop styles are available. 

Orbital sanders or circular sanders are lightweight, handheld tools that are used to achieve a super-smooth finish or rounded edges. They move in a circular fashion.

Random orbital sanders feature a round sanding pad that moves in tiny circular orbits while spinning. Unlike orbital sanders, these tools do not leave a visible swirl pattern on the surface of the workpiece.

Belt sanders operate via a sanding belt wrapped around two drums and are used to flatten and smooth wood surfaces. 

Palm sanders are also called finish sanders. The square pad moves in tiny circular orbits to provide an ultra-smooth surface. 

Drum sanders come in benchtop and flooring models. These powerful machines operate via a rotating cylinder with an abrasive surface and are used to smooth wooden boards or hardwood floor planks.

Drywall sanders are disc sanders attached to a long pole. They effectively smooth drywall surfaces while removing adhesives. Most models have a vacuum to capture dust particles as the work progresses. 

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