Carbide Burrs

Tools for Shaping the Workpiece

About Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Carbide burrs, also known as carbide burr bits or carbide die grinder bits, are used to shape the workpiece by cutting, grinding, deburring, and removing sharp edges. Industrial applications include the drilling of non-ferrous heavy metals, cast iron and abrasive materials.

Carbide is often compared to other drill bit materials. High-Speed Steel (HSS) is used to drill into soft steel, wood, and plastic. Cobalt is good for harder steel and some stainless-steel grades. Carbide is the hardest and most brittle drill bit material. It maintains a sharp edge for a much longer time, and it absorbs heat better, allowing for a faster cutting speed than cobalt. Carbide is best for drilling into the hardest materials and should not be used in handheld drills. The choice depends on the specific task.

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