All Types and Sizes of Industrial Grinders


Industrial grinders use an abrasive wheel to remove excess material from a workpiece. As the grinding wheel rotates to cut off material, it leaves behind a smooth surface. Common types include angle grinders, straight grinders, die grinders and vertical grinders. Choose a grinder based on personal preference and the type of task to be accomplished.


Angle grinders or right-angle grinders, are built with the grinding wheel at a right angle to the handle shaft. This handheld tool is commonly used for cutting and rough grinding work. 


Straight grinders are similar to angle grinders, but the cutting tool aligns with the body. 


Vertical grinders provide the stability needed to remove material from vertically oriented surfaces. The workpiece is held upright, while the grinding spindle is positioned overhead.


Bench grinders are permanently attached to a workbench. Two rotating abrasive wheels with different grain sizes grind and shape tools or clean and polish workpieces. 


Die grinders are small, handheld, high-speed rotary tools that feature a small-diameter, cylindrical cutting bit instead of an abrasive wheel. Uses include engraving, contouring and other precision applications.

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