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About SAnding Discs

Without sanding discs, your disc sanders, angle grinders and other handheld rotary tools are unable to do their jobs. These circular discs are made of an abrasive material that, when attached to the tool, removes materials (such as paint, debris, and corrosion) as well as light defects (like small dents and burrs) from metal, wood, or plastic materials. Unlike large sanding machines, handheld tools with sanding discs provide good control of the workpiece, as the workpiece remains visible to the operator during the process.

Because of their look and feel, sanding discs are sometimes called sandpaper discs. Like sandpaper, discs are available in a range of types and grit sizes, allowing the operator to use the optimal one for each application. Coarser grit (larger grains) removes materials such as welds on metal or mill marks on wood, while a finer grit (smaller grains) is used to buff out tool marks and smooth the piece’s edges. Abrasive-backed and hook-and-loop discs allow the operator to quickly switch sanding discs when the need arises.

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Do you need angle grinder sanding discs, sanding discs for drills or orbital sanding discs? We have an extensive assortment of sanding discs, so you are sure to find the ones you need. If you do a lot of sanding, then consider industrial sanding disc rolls. These rolls ensure that fresh discs are always on hand and are popular items in woodshops and production facilities that perform heavy or frequent sanding.

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