Drill Bits

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About Industrial Drill Bits

Drill bits typically spin clockwise as they remove material by cutting holes. After the correct bit is selected for the job, it is attached to a handheld drill, drill press or CNC machine. The drill powers the bit, and the bit’s cutting edge rotates through the material, cutting a hole in the desired size and shape.

While drill bits can drill almost anything, the type of material to be drilled determines the size and kind of drill bit. Hard drill bits are for the hardest materials, while about any bit is effective on softer materials. While some drill bits are fine for rough holes, special bits are required to attain an accurate, well-finished hole.

Drill bits are available in standard sizes. When choosing a bit for your task, consult a size chart that lists metric and imperial units alongside the required screw tap sizes. Specialized industrial drill bits are available for making non-circular holes.

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At Rhino Tool House, you will find assorted sizes and styles of drill bits, as well as handy drill bit sets that contain many sizes of bits for a range of applications. Our bits and sets are sourced from several industry-leading manufacturers so you can choose the brand you want.
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