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Manual Click Wrenches

Numerous product recalls are due to fasteners not being correctly torqued. Auditing and/or controlling torque during the assembly process is an essential step in ensuring a product’s quality, safety and reliability. Many Rhino Tool House manufacturing customers strive to achieve “zero” product defects. A tool that allows them to control, manage and document each step in their product assembly helps them reach that lofty goal.

Manual Click Wrenches

The click wrench applies a specified torque to a fastener, ensuring that the fully assembled product meets quality, safety and reliability standards.  The mechanical click torque wrench accomplishes this task. The click wrench is calibrated and preset to a specified torque value. When that value is reached, the wrench clicks and produces audible and tactile signals. The signals allow the operator to determine the existence of a pass or fail condition.  Digital click wrenches have become popular due to the capabilities and requirements of quality and process engineers. This type of wrench provides a greater degree of accuracy along with SPC software and data storage.

Benefits of Digital Click Wrenches

  • Speed, accuracy, precision, memory recall, and an easy-to-read display
  • Wireless transmission capability
  • SPC data storage
  • Reduces operator error
  • Multiple engineering units of measurement in one wrench

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