Data Collectors

Data Collectors

Torque data collectors offer measurement modes including track, peak, pulse, click, audit, move-on, retighten and yield giving a complete range of data to measure and collect. Introducing features and flexibility to the tool test and audit environment, ranging from analyzers for standard tool calibration to full featured line audit systems and software. With interchangeable transducer modules, built-in printer options, and tailored software features, we can help you select a product with the desired amount of storage, measurement modes and statistical reporting to meet your budget and application requirements.

Benefits of Data Collectors

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Data Collectors?

Advanced manufacturers choose Rhino Tool House when they need better tool solutions to get the job done, when they want to improve productivity, quality, ergonomics, safety, and when they need a custom solution to an assembly problem. We not only offer products that address these needs, but we also have the expertise and knowledge to analyze and solve your process issues with innovative solutions developed specifically for your application. As an ISO 17025 certified company we realize the importance of making sure your assembly tools are within the manufacturer’s stated accuracy for your process.
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