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Digital Torque Wrenches

Smart Digital Torque Wrenches for Quality Control  

A digital torque wrench measures the amount of torque applied to a fastener. Typically, this type of equipment is used to audit the torque applied to a bolt or screw after assembly to verify that proper torque has been achieved. The objective of controlling torque is to ensure that products are as safe and reliable as possible.  Smart digital torque wrenches for quality control and line audits incorporate advanced technologies to record re-tighten torque in the fastener.  This greatly improves product quality and process control, allowing the quality engineer product assembly data and error proofing capabilities that in the past did not exist.

Utilizing angle control the digital torque wrench measures degree of rotation and allows for a torque monitor/angle control strategy in the audit process. As the target angle is reached the operator will feel a vibration and an audible tone from the tool which signals completion of the assembly audit. The smart wrench then sends each cycle to a data base or control system providing both error proofing and documentation of a products assembly process.  This technology defines the exact re-tightening torque without adding more torque to your fastener. 

A digital wrench offers the following benefits vs. a mechanical (click) wrench 

  • The built-in transducer accurately measures torque and angle.
  • The wrench visually indicates the numerical torque output.
  • Digital wrenches store data and time, and date-stamp the process for download to a database
  • Audible and tactile signals to indicate the process is complete
  • +/- 1% rated accuracy 
  • Data download and route management capabilities

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In today’s market, our customers strive to achieve “zero” product defects during the manufacturing process. A digital torque wrench is a type of audit tool that allows them to control, manage and document each step in the assembly process post-production. With this valuable tool, the quality control engineer evaluates and assures that the fasteners meet the specified torque. The Rhino Tool House professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help you solve your production problems. Because we offer a variety of digital torque wrenches from industry-leading vendors, you are sure to find the product that best meets your unique application. And our team is always available to help you resolve problems that your current tooling may have failed to solve.


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