Joint Simulation Benches

Joint Simulation Benches

The calibration process for assembly tools requires a versatile, high-quality solution for the production environment. Mobile Torque Carts provide optimal torque audit flexibility to improve quality in assembly processes. We have the perfect solution to on-line auditing for all types of torque tools including DC electric, clutch, impulse, battery tools, and manual torque wrenches. A mobile torque cart will minimize tool down-time and off-line travel to the quality audit lab.
This mobile solution allows you to follow your tools during the complete life span by providing SPC analysis by performing Machine Capability (Cm/Cmk) before the tool is introduced into production and monitoring tool performance during production assembly process by performing Process Capability (Cpk). The result is the ability to conveniently audit torque tools more often and thus maintain a higher level of quality control. Our torque carts bring the test equipment to the application.

Benefits of Joint Simulation Benches

Joint Simulation Benches | Rhino Tool House

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Advanced manufacturers choose Rhino Tool House when they need better tool solutions to get the job done, when they want to improve productivity, quality, ergonomics, safety, and when they need a custom solution to an assembly problem. We not only offer products that address these needs, but we also have the expertise and knowledge to analyze and solve your process issues with innovative solutions developed specifically for your application. As an ISO 17025 certified company we realize the importance of making sure your assembly tools are within the manufacturer’s stated accuracy for your process.
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