Every Type of Socket, Extension & Bit is Available

Standard and Custom Sockets and Related Tools

Rhino Tool House offers virtually any type of tool socket/extension/bit on the market today. And if an off-the-shelf product does not work for your application, we will create a custom solution to meet your needs.

We offer our customers a range of screwdriver tool bits, bit holders, nut-setters, hex adapters, ergo sockets, magnetic sockets, universal wrenches, buddy sockets, reversible sockets, tap holding sockets, impact sockets, hold and drive sockets, socket tool extensions and socket bits. We also provide anti-marring covers to prevent damage to end-user parts as well as protective covers to ensure that operators’ gloves do not get caught on the spindles.

What to Consider When Sourcing a Socket

Most users know that they must think about tool size drive and fastener size when purchasing a socket. But there is more to it than that! Additional items to consider include the following:

  • Type of application
  • Type of tool
  • Amount of torque applied
  • Clearance issues
  • ID/OD requirements
  • Socket shape
  • Magnet depth
  • Counterbore size
  • Ergonomic or non-ergonomic
  • …and more

Let Us Walk Your Line & Revolutionize Your Process

We Don't Just Know Products - We Know Applications

What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Sockets, Extensions & Bits?

Rhino Tool House is not locked into a single manufacturer — we source products from Apex, Koken, Momento, Saltus, Proto and others. Our professionals thoroughly understand all the tools we sell and the applications in which they are used, which makes us experts at helping customers select the proper socket for the job.

Even with our vast variety, however, we may not have the exact socket/extension/bit you need. In that case, we work with a local shop to create the custom socket for your unique application. This is what makes us a custom socket solution provider rather than a mere socket provider. You will not find a better source for sockets and related tools than Rhino Tool House!

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