Fluid Pumping and Dispensing Equipment

A Wide Range of Fluid Transfer Solutions

What types of pumping equipment are you considering? Several types of hydraulic pumps and pneumatic pumps are available, including pneumatic diaphragm pumps, electric hydraulic pumps, hydraulic piston pumps and pneumatic piston pumps.

What are the differences between hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric pumps? While all pumps produce liquid movement or flow to transfer fluids or gases from one place to another, the actuators that convert power into mechanical motion vary.

Selecting a pump depends on the characteristics of the fluid, such as viscosity, density, temperature, solids content, etc., and performance data that includes capacity, flow rate and pressure.

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Pumps?

Rhino Tool House offers diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, metering equipment and turnkey packages for fluid pumping and dispensing, coating, and extrusion applications. We also have 2-ball and 4-ball extrusion and diaphragm pumps as well as metering pumps that transfer fluids for precise chemical dosing. 

Rhino Tool House not only sells pumps, but we also design and build complete pumping systems. We collaborate closely with our customers to make sure we fully comprehend their needs, and then our engineers work hard to achieve the optimal solution for their dispensing issues. 

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