Find Industrial Staplers for Various Applications


A Range of Staplers and Staple Guns

Several types of industrial staplers are available — from manual and electric staple guns to heavy-duty industrial staplers. As always, selecting the right tool for the job is critical. We offer:

  • Manual staple guns, tackers, plier staplers and carton staplers
  • Pneumatic staple guns, plier staplers and carton staplers
  • Electric carton staplers 
  • Box-bottom staplers 
  • Construction staplers for siding and lathing
  • Hammer tackers
  • Metal staplers and stitchers
  • Hog ring pliers
  • Wire stitchers
  • Production staplers
  • ... and more

Let us Walk Your Line & 
Revolutionize Your Process

We don’t just know products — we know applications.

Why Choose Rhino Tool House? 

Selecting the right fastening tool for the job is important. We offer various construction staplers, heavy-duty wood staplers, pneumatic or air staple guns, and more. If you need help to determine which stapler is best for your application, please consult our experienced team. We are always happy to help!


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