Cobots (Collaborative Robots)

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Cobots (Collaborative Robots)

 About Industrial Collaborative Robots 

Collaborative robots, also called cobots, are a form of robotic automation. Cobots are designed to work safely alongside human workers in a shared, collaborative workplace.  

In most applications, a manufacturing cobot performs the repetitive, menial tasks while the human employee completes the more complex and thought-intensive work. The accuracy, uptime and repeatability of collaborative robots complement the intelligence and problem-solving skills of a human worker. 

With the ability to work collaboratively with humans, cobots expand the potential applications of robotic automation. The market for collaborative robots is expected to grow exponentially as more industries realize the profits to be gained from this technology. 

Cobots vs. Robots: What’s the Difference? 

 Industrial cobots differ greatly from their industrial robot counterparts. Cobots are designed for safety, which is why they feature rounded edges, force limitations and lighter weights than robots. Further, most cobots contain sensors that function to prevent collisions with human workers. Safety protocols are in place to shut down the cobot in the event of accidental contact.  

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Why Choose Rhino Tool House? 

 With robotic experts on staff, Rhino Tool House is prepared to advance your workplace automation efforts. We program, customize, install and help maintain the cobots we provide to our customers. Rhino Tool House has partnered with industry leading collaborative robot manufacturers which allows us to provide customers with the most options in the collaborative market as well as one of the easiest to program cobots in the world.  Implementation is quick and provides integration into any PLC or MES system. 


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