Automated Guided Vehicles

AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle

AGVs are a time-tested way to move materials through your building. The category has been available for more than 20 years but the technology inside the robots has been updated and refined over time. Today they can navigate by following wires in the floor, Magnetic tape or codes affixed to the top of the floor or using LiDAR to track markers throughout your facility.

AGVs are very safe and are capable of detecting people and obstacles in their path but will not deviate from their pre-defined routes. AGVs require a good deployment plan to be effective so choosing a partner is crucial. These systems are great for:

  • Replacing drag-lines for vehicle and chassis assembly.
  • Moving bulk material in replenishment and put-away loops between depos.
  • Tugging mother carts in a train.

Benefits of AGVs

  • More flexible and easier to install than drag lines.
  • Low per-robot cost.
  • Ability to stop or divert individual assemblies or payloads.
  • Reduction in labor requirements to move material.
  • Process data available from each machine

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