Autonomous Mobile Robots

AMR: Autonomous Mobile Robots

One of the main benefits of collaborative AMRs is improved worker safety and better productivity in highly dynamic environments. AMRs can autonomously navigate around people and other obstacles on their path while calculating the best route to their target. Rhino Tool House is committed to helping you find the right solution for handling and optimizing your in-plant transportation needs and can determine if these robots are right for you.

AMRs deliver a safe, flexible, and efficient alternative to other internal logistics solutions like forklifts and conveyors. AMRs are well-suited to performing line-side replenishment, moving material asynchronously, and responding to dynamic demand.

These systems are great for:

  • Replacing material handing push carts.
  • Replacing Lean “Water Spider” roles by electronically responding to pull signals.
  • Point to point material movement.
  • Line-side delivery.
  • Long-distance payload transport.

Benefits of AMRS

  • More flexible and easier to deploy than AGVs.
  • Fast ROI on deployments that eliminate human labor.
  • Able to navigate in high-traffic and dynamic environments.
  • Reduction in labor requirements to move material.
  • Process and navigation data available from each robot.
Autonomous Mobile Robots | Rhino Tool House

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With automation experts on staff, Rhino Tool House is the only source you need when it comes to evaluating and installing AGVs and AMRs. We represent multiple styles and types of AGVs and AMRs and we understand the technology and how to turn them into impactful solutions for your various assembly and warehousing operations. Schedule a meeting today with one of our experts to discuss your automation application.
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