Custom Applications


Need a “one of a kind” part? Experiencing a problem impacting production? We can help. Our experienced engineers working with our partners are skilled at finding creative solutions that we can fabricate for you.
It all starts with getting an understanding of the problem and your concept for solving it. Our team will then develop a concept, create prototypes using our rapid prototyping methods, including additive manufacturing, and then work with you to refine it. Our goal is to design items that we can then manufacture for you, whether it be only a few or several hundred.
As an additive manufacturer, we can quickly go from concept – to prototype – to finished product. Since there is not a need for tooling, modifications and improvements can easily be incorporated during the process.
Our experienced product design and engineering team has developed proprietary additive manufacturing processes which allow us to create solutions from a variety of different materials.
The result is a truly custom solution to your problem that can be designed, prototyped, and manufactured under “one roof”. This one stop shop approach shortens delivery time and is cost efficient.
Custom Applications | Rhino Tool House

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Custom Applications?

Protection from mutilation and damage during the assembly or shipping process is a reliable place for ROI. Rhino Tool House partners with companies that create protective coatings to cover tools and/or finished goods to prevent this damage. Contact us today to protect your products and your business.
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