Tools & Sockets

Tools & Sockets

Our line of protective products are engineered to fit most popular tools and equipment brands used in assembly and manufacturing facilities. Many of our products are Ready-to-Print, but custom requests are simple, affordable and have a quick turnaround.
What really sets Rhino Tool House apart is our ability to offer on-demand customization to accommodate a customer’s unique needs – add on features like pinch protection, customized protection of user interfaces or damage prone areas, integration of third-party technology, or color coding for production control.
Our innovative products are engineered to withstand the stresses of use without compromising comfort, versatility, or protective qualities. Extremiti3D protective products extend the life of valuable tools and equipment, provide mutilation protection, and offer a platform to integrate technology to enhance production efficiency.
Protective covers come in a 1mm standard size or 3mm heavy duty size when extreme asset protection is required. Further, our covers can be customized to meet our customers’ requirements. Additionally, our materials are non-toxic, colors will not fade or rub off, and is non-marring.
In addition to assembly tool protection, we can make custom socket head covers to prevent mutilation. These use the same non-marring material used in tool covers and do not require tooling. No tooling allows us to produce socket covers in small or large runs.
We also offer low torque, non-marring sockets for use with finishing. Extremiti3D non-marring sockets are designed to give you maximum leverage while not damaging highly polished finishes or coatings.
Tools & Sockets | Rhino Tool House

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Tools & Sockets?

Protection from mutilation and damage during the assembly or shipping process is a reliable place for ROI. Rhino Tool House partners with companies that create protective coatings to cover tools and/or finished goods to prevent this damage. Contact us today to protect your products and your business.
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