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Wearable Device for Back Support

Have your workers back by reducing the fatigue they feel while doing physically demanding jobs. The new adjustable Smart Joints allow different body types to get the assistance they need in many different dynamic and asymmetrical lifts. The New Flex is ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and retail industries with repetitive and static forward bending motions as well as now being used in outdoor applications.



This new exoskeleton is the best way to prevent back pain in situations where you need to be mobile and can use immediate back support. Laevo FLEX is 3x more effective in reducing back injuries. The FLEX is flexible, comfortable and personal. It offers powerful support and is suitable for every worker, all body shapes and many work environments.


Laevo FLEX allows for more dynamic and asymmetric lifting, including wide-stance squats.


Laevo FLEX has a comfortable and personal fit for all body shapes, easily adjustable, supporting long wearing time, and very quick to don and doff. Its modular system has been specifically designed to fit all users.



Laevo FLEX provides up to 2x more support going down and 3x more support coming up, during the complete bending movement.


Wear it outside. The smart joint and system is dust and water resistant.


Wearable Device for Shoulder Support

Have support and power without the pain by reducing shoulder fatigue for above the chest applications. The new Ekso Evo allows for a greater degree of mobility by being able to move naturally with your body. Still get the support you need and take away the strain and risk of overexertion.


Designed to provide power without the pain.
You can’t move without pain if you can’t move naturally. EVO has been designed with smart assist to move together with your body, allowing for strength throughout your natural range of motion. The user’s torso, waist, and arms can move freely without issue. Designed with minimal touchpoints, EVO allows for an increased range of motion with the same support you expect with Ekso, allowing for more work for a long time with less pain. This lightweight exoskeleton allows you to move with complete freedom. EVO’s new exoskeleton technology takes away the strain and risk of overexertion while keeping you comfortable and upright.

Benefits of EVO

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Rhino Tool House offers the New Flex and Laevo 2.5 to fit the work task at hand. Our sales engineers would be happy to help you select the proper wearables for your employees, and we’ll demonstrate their use.
Rhino Tool House also offers the new Ekso EVO to keep team members comfortable while providing support. Our sales engineers would be happy to help you select the proper exoskeletons for your employees, and we’ll demonstrate their use. Contact Rhino Tool House today for all your ergonomic needs.
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