Grip Assist Devices

Provide Workers with Additional Gripping Force

Wearable Grip-Assist Devices

Grip-assist gloves provide the user with added grip force. Actuators in each digit allow users to easily program individual digits for the desired intensity and threshold. Users can also program the glove so that certain digits activate upon pressing various actuators. Grip-assist devices are ideal for applications in which workers hold heavy tools all day or lift small products for long stretches of time.
Grip Assist Devices | Rhino Tool House

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What Sets Rhino Tool House Apart for Grip Assist Devices?

Rhino Tool House offers a variety of grip-assist gloves that make lifting and holding items easier. Our sales engineers are happy to help you select the proper wearables for your employees, and we will demonstrate their use. Contact Rhino Tool House today for all your ergonomic needs.
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