Everything You Need to Know About the Gorbel Pivot Pro: The Ultimate Workstation For Maximum Productivity

What is a Gorbel Pivot Pro and How Does it Help in Increasing Productivity?

The PIVOT PRO® is a new addition to Gorbel’s jib crane lineup, specifically designed for applications under 150 lbs. It has a sleek and lightweight design, making it easy to move and reducing physical stress on workers, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and fewer employee injuries.

One of the advantages of the PIVOT PRO® is its ergonomic design, allowing users to position loads in hard-to-reach places. It offers easy rotation and consistent responsiveness within its coverage area. The Free Standing model provides 360° non-continuous coverage, while the Wall Mounted model offers 200° rotation on the primary arm and 300° rotation on the secondary arm.

Compared to traditional jib cranes, the PIVOT PRO® is easier to rotate, especially when the load is positioned closer to the mast or building column. This feature enhances movement and maneuverability.

The PIVOT PRO® delivers a rapid return on investment by increasing productivity, reducing injuries, and improving safety. Its easy boom rotation and precise load positioning contribute to increased production. Additionally, starting and stopping the boom is up to three times easier compared to work station jib cranes, resulting in reduced injuries and improved safety. Gorbel also emphasizes the quality of the product, reliable delivery dates, and the industry’s best warranty when choosing the PIVOT PRO®.

Furthermore, the PIVOT PRO® reduces maintenance costs. In one customer’s case, it replaced a vacuum tube lifter that required frequent repairs and maintenance. The ease of movement provided by the PIVOT PRO® caused less stress on the vacuum tube. This positive experience led the company to purchase an additional unit for another application in their facility.

The Gorbel Pivot Pro Features & Benefits

1. Sealed Tube: The sealed tube eliminates the need for festooning in vacuum applications, reducing festoon stack up and potential suction reduction caused by kinked hoses.

2. Articulated Boom Design: The PIVOT PRO®’s articulated boom design offers several benefits. It allows for easier movement of loads, up to three times easier than a work station jib. The lighter weight of the crane makes load positioning easier. It also enables smoother movement of loads close to the mast, reducing the “whip” of the boom in high cycle applications and minimizing wear on vacuum lift tubes.

3. Rotation Limits for Primary Arm: The PIVOT PRO® provides multiple rotation stop locations for the primary arm, allowing users to customize the coverage area according to their needs.

4. Compatible with All Major OEM Tube Lifters: Gorbel’s PIVOT PRO® is designed to be compatible with vacuum tube lifters from all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

5. No Foundation Required: The PIVOT PRO® can be bolted to any 6″ reinforced concrete floor, eliminating the need for a separate foundation.

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