Smart Arms

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A conventional torque arm is simply a mount for a torque tool. The arm improves productivity by permitting the tool operator to perform fastening operations in an effective manner while reducing fatigue and preventing injury. A smart arm, however, incorporates the benefits of a simple torque arm (balancing the tool, eliminating torque reaction) with the ability to sequence fasteners in the order specified by the engineer. Only when the correct fastener is in the proper sequence does the smart arm provide power to the torque tool.

Benefits of Smart Arms

The user achieves better joint integrity due to a specific, repeatable process. This leads to fewer warranty claims.

Assurance is provided that all fasteners are properly tightened, not just a specified number of fasteners. If the user is counting bolts, for example, the same bolt may be fastened twice, which (incorrectly) passes the control system.
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