Cordless Assembly Tools

Increasing Use of Cordless Tools

Increasingly our customers are taking advantage of the benefits that smart cordless technology offers to meet their assembly needs. With today's advances in battery technology and highly efficient brushless motors, cordless torques wrenches and torque tools accommodate a broad range of fastening applications.

Benefits of Cordless Hand Tools
What are the advantages of cordless assembly tools that are accelerating this trend? Replacing air tools with cordless torque tools and cordless wrenches offers many benefits.

Cordless tools provide a manufacturing facility with:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Energy cost savings
  • Increased precision and product quality
  • Improved cosmetics due to less hose and cord damage
  • Reduced maintenance expenses

... while offering employees:

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Greater mobility and flexibility in their work area
  • Ease in tightening hard-to-reach fasteners
  • Fewer tripping risks due to the removal of hoses and cords

In Industry 4.0 plants, "smart" cordless torque tools and cordless production wrenches offer process traceability while maintaining excellent durability in tough conditions. On-board intelligence allows the tool to wirelessly communicate with virtually any manufacturing execution system while providing real-time rundown data.

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Why Choose Rhino Tool House?

Rhino Tool House is the leader in cordless assembly solutions. Our highly
trained and experienced team is available to visit your facility to help you
determine how and where cordless technology is best suited for your
specific needs and manufacturing environment. We also help train your
team on the use and maintenance of this technology. Start utilizing
battery-operated tools today and realize the benefits of improved quality,
safety and productivity.


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