Automated Assembly Stations

Automated Assembly Stations

With the advancement of collaborative robotics into the industrial workspace, automated assembly processes are becoming more prevalent in the market.  Rhino Tool House Sales and Application Engineers are well versed in the benefits and limitations of this emerging market and are more than capable of helping to evaluate our customers’ assembly processes for progression into the automated world.By mounting intelligent fastening systems to a collaborative robot, customers can insure their build process 100% for both proper torque and assembly sequence.  Many processes in the industrial world require assembly to be done in a specified order and at specific torques.  Because our robots always follow the same order of events, and with the integration of smart tooling, customers can be assured that their complicated assembly patterns will always be met and assembled as quality dictates.

Benefits of Automated Assembly Systems

  • 100% accuracy of bolt assembly sequence
  • No lost time due to worker illness, absenteeism
  • 100% integration with smart tooling, PLCs and MES systems
  • Collaborative robots are OSHA approved to work alongside operators without costly safety sensors or added guarding
  • Fast ROI – usually less than 6 months

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Why choose Rhino Tool House?Rhino Tool House offers a wide range of smart tools to integrate into your process, so you are sure to get the one you need for your specific application. Additionally, Rhino Tool House has partnered with an industry leading collaborative robot manufacturer that provides customers with endless flexibility and ease of implementation.


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